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CardioMapper brings Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitoring to the iPhone 4S

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CardioMapper is a heart rate monitoring fitness app for iOS that supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy profile devices.

CardioMapper for iOS
CardioMapper for iOS

Last week we reported that Apple hopes to see fitness accessories supporting the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy profile come to market soon — and now the iOS heart monitoring app CardioMapper has arrived. Developer Body-Pro claims it is the first app of its kind to support Bluetooth 4.0 in the iPhone 4S, monitoring your heart rate as you exercise with either a Bluetooth Smart or Wi-Fi heart monitor. The app also records your workout route via GPS, with analysis tools, an assortment of virtual coaches, and a high intensity interval training mode also included.

While there are only a handful of Bluetooth Smart heart monitors currently available, we expect that situation to change quickly, with a number of accessories set to debut this year at CES. The app is currently available for $1.99.