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Galaxy Nexus signal problems acknowledged by Verizon, update being 'developed'

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Verizon now says that "a software update is being developed" to address signal strength concerns on the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus.

galaxy nexus verizon
galaxy nexus verizon

We haven't experienced any real issues with signal strength on our LTE Galaxy Nexus units in the few days we've been using them since release, but Verizon is now saying that there is an issue — and it's working on a fix. In a response tweeted by official Verizon account @VZWSupport today, the company says that reported signal issues are "currently being investigated" and that a software update is in the works, but there's no release date yet. Various reviews have sporadically reported problems both with LTE performance and calling (which would be on CDMA), so hopefully any update designed to address this will tackle both radios in one pass. Then again, it's possible that Samsung and Google will simply tweak the mapping of signal strength to the status bar's meter, as Apple did last year in the wake of "antennagate" — a psychological fix more than an actual one — but we won't know for sure until this update comes out.