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Gmail for mobile web gets Scribbles on iOS, Android, and PlayBook

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Gmail for the mobile web browser now has Scribbles, which lets you draw simple pictures and automatically attaches them to your message.

Scribbles Google
Scribbles Google

Google's new Scribbles feature came to the Gmail app for iOS last week, and now it's available on the Playbook and devices running iOS 4 or Android 3.1 and up; you just have to use the web interface because it's not integrated into the Android app (yet?). The concept is pretty simple: hit the scribble button in compose view; doodle, jot, or sketch some verbal or pictoral message; and when you tap done, the image automatically attaches to your email. If you're adventurous enough to leave the comfort of a dedicated app and use an interface easily outperformed by MS Paint, go try it out — iOS users can download the Gmail app. Just don't expect too much from something called "Scribbles."