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Google developing heads-up display eyeglasses?

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Google is rumored to be working on eyelgasses that offer a full heads-up display. The glasses are said to not require an Android phone to connect to, but rather can connect to Google's information directly.

Verge HUD Glasses 600
Verge HUD Glasses 600

Following up on an earlier report today that Google is developing wearable computing devices, 9to5Google claims that the company might have bigger ambitions than previously hinted at. Specifically, the rumor is that Google is developing a full heads-up display built into a pair of normal-looking, thick-rimmed eyeglasses. Supposedly the glasses would not merely be an Android peripheral, but communicate directly with Google's services instead of pairing with the phone — though presumably it would need a phone for communication when not near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The intention is apparently to offer augmented reality-style information powered by Google's cloud services. Google Goggles on Android recently received an update that might offer a glimpse into what's rumored here: it can now constantly scan for objects and text instead of requiring the user to snap a photo. Google Goggles already takes location information into account when scanning, a feature rumored for these glasses as well.

9to5Google says that the company's off-campus "Google X" lab is already in the "late prototype stages" of development for the glasses, which is supposed to have only have a few buttons and would be Google-branded hardware. Unfortunately, even assuming the technology is intended to make it out of the lab, there's no hint at a possible release date.