The Verge Just Got Called Out, And Frankly, I Agree


Ben Brooks tears The Verge a new one:

There’s a lack of opinion and a lack of wow. I have yet to read something on The Verge that left me thinking:

  • Oh wow, great point.
  • I hadn’t thought of that.
  • Woah.
  • I must quote this.
  • That’s so far off base, but person X made a great argument.
There is just a lot of vanilla tech reporting going on — the kind that I expect to see on CNET. Which is a shame because by all accounts the writers for the site are smart — the type that should get it, but refuse to spell it out for readers.

I know this is a news site, but I still want to hear the writers opinion on this stuff. It's the one thing I've noticed that has been missing from this site. I guess I just have to learn to live with this being where you come to get the news and not where you come for analysis of the news.

I want more editorials and opinion pieces than I do press releases.