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    Samsung Fascinate receives Gingerbread update at long last

    Samsung Fascinate receives Gingerbread update at long last


    Verizon's Galaxy S variant, the Fascinate, is finally getting upgraded to Gingerbread.

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    While we were getting carried away with questions about which new Android phone will get the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (hint: it seems like most 2011 handsets will be updated), owners of Verizon's Samsung Fascinate have been stuck in an unfortunate time warp. In their bleak world, Android 2.2 (Froyo) has been the latest and best official software, but Verizon is finally mending its ways with the introduction of an Android 2.3 upgrade.

    Google made the Gingerbread source code available in December 2010 and it has taken Verizon and Samsung a full calendar cycle to distribute a functional version of it out to Fascinate owners. The OTA update is presently listed as "coming soon," but Verizon offers instructions on how to trigger it yourself via your phone. Assuming you haven't given up and switched to a custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM already.