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Galaxy Nexus teases impressive Verizon 4G speed on video

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Video of the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus has emerged, showing it pulling down 8.5Mbps with only two bars of signal.

verizon galaxy nexus
verizon galaxy nexus

The Galaxy Nexus, or GNexus as we've taken to affectionately calling it, is destined for Verizon's LTE network some time very soon indeed. Dealing with that wait isn't being made any easier today, as a new video has emerged showing the 4G handset reaching 8.5Mbps down and 2Mbps up on a run. That video is, of course, entirely unsanctioned, though we doubt Verizon would mind having its LTE network promoted in this fashion. The Galaxy Nexus LTE on show only indicates two bars of signal while pulling down those speeds — can you imagine how it would fly in a well-connected area? See the video, replete with Verizon 4G branding on the Nexus' rear cover, below.