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HighlightCam for Android and iOS automatically edits your videos into a showreel

HighlightCam for Android and iOS automatically edits your videos into a showreel


HighlightCam, a new app for Android and iOS, edits down videos automatically to the length you specify, while promising to choose the best bits of each clip you upload.

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Got masses of videos on your phone but no time to edit them into a masterpiece? HighlightCam promises to take over the editing process for you, producing a highlight reel cut to a length you specify. The app uses a combination of face, motion, and voice detection to decide what the important parts are of each clip, filtering out the slower and less action-packed elements. The editorial options are fairly simple, though — along with dictating whether the video should focus on people, voices or action, you can choose the order of the clips, effects, titles, and music. The actual edit and rendering of the video is done on a remote server, so your phone won't be churning through the videos itself. Once the video's ready, the app sends through a notification that the video's ready to download or post onto Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

We've not had a chance to test it for ourselves, but the demonstration makes it seem very simple. While the app gives you 10 free credits to try the service, subsequent videos are paid: 10 credits for $2.99, 25 for $5.99 and 50 for $9.99, with additional features like music and high resolution upping the cost. You can grab the respective apps from the Android Market or App Store now.