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Microsoft Flight accepting beta applications

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Microsoft has started taking applications for beta testers of the next installment of its flight simulator, called Microsoft Flight.

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Microsoft Flight
Microsoft Flight

2006 is remembered for many things — the most notable of which is that it was the last time a Microsoft Flight Simulator game (X) was released. Things are looking up for fans of the classic simulator, as Microsoft has started taking beta tester applications for the next installment, Microsoft Flight, as of yesterday. Those who pass the rigorous pre-flight check (all you need to give is your gamertag and some personal info) will be flying the virtual air come January. Microsoft says that the beta will be private and confidential, and it should run on almost all PCs — minimum specs are a 2.0GHz dual-core CPU, 2.0GB of RAM, and a 256MB GPU. If you're feeling up to it, hit the source link to enter your application.