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AT&T LTE network goes live in parts of New York City

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AT&T hasn't formally rolled out its LTE service in New York City, but the network's already live.


AT&T's 4G LTE hasn't officially been rolled out in New York City yet, but it looks like the super-fast network is already live. As we ran speed tests on our LG Nitro HD review unit around Manhattan and Brooklyn, we got speeds as high as 41Mbps down and 15Mbps up, which wouldn't come from anything other than a brand-new, traffic-free LTE network. (Plus, the "4G LTE" icon next to the signal meter is a dead giveaway.) Speeds weren't consistently that fast, though — we got 5.8Mbps down and 3.7 up at a test in midtown. A tipster has also reported that the Samsung Skyrocket is getting LTE coverage in Manhattan, so if you've got a Skyrocket or HTC Vivid, today's probably a good day to stream some HD movies from Netflix.