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Chumby arrives on LG Smart TV platform

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Chumby's suite of apps is now available on LG Smart TV connected devices.

Chumby on LG Smart TV
Chumby on LG Smart TV

Those who have bought into LG's line of Smart TV connected devices have access to more content with today's announcement that Chumby has brought its app suite to the platform. Over 1,000 Flash-based applications are now available to those with a compatible set, and Chumby promises an experience optimized for LG viewers. This continues the company's recent push to expand its reach to new devices in the living room — similar integration can be found with Best Buy's Insignia-branded Connected TV series, and Chumby intends to offer its app ecosystem to virtually any device with an HDMI input by way of the upcoming NeTV. Existing LG Smart TV owners have access to the new Chumby functionality immediately, so get streaming.