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Motorola Droid RAZRMAX rumored to be heading to Verizon

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Motorola is rumored to be bringing the Droid RAZRMAX to Verizon, with a thicker body and corresponding larger battery.

razr back 555
razr back 555

Motorola made countless versions of the original RAZR, so why not do it again? A poster on RAZR Forums claims to have heard about an upcoming device from a Verizon employee known as the Droid RAZRMAX; the device is rumored to be thicker and have a larger battery than the Droid RAZR. Adding fuel to the fire, PocketNow says it found photos taken from a device bearing the same name, according to the EXIF data. PocketNow's data also showed the device running a software version known as "Spyder," a codename closely associated with the Droid RAZR before it launched. We'll have to wait and see for certain, but the Droid RAZRMAX sounds like it could be a close cousin to the Motorola XT928 or MT917 which launched in China recently. Giving up a little thinness for improved battery and a 720p display might be a trade worth making.