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Advanced Bionics' waterproof Neptune cochlear implant approved for US and Canada

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Advanced Bionics' Neptune waterproof sound processor for cochlear implants has been approved for use in the US and Canada, and will allow those with implants to use their devices in environments with water.

Neptune cochlear implant
Neptune cochlear implant

Cochlear implants are marvelous devices that have helped hundreds of thousands of people with impaired hearing experience sound, but they can't be used in every environment — users must remove the device's external processor before swimming or bathing, at least until now. Advanced Bionics' Neptune has just been approved for use in the US and Canada, and it's the world's first waterproof sound processor for those with cochlear implants. The device enables users to maintain their hearing for activities involving water, and it's designed to be worn in a variety of locations, not just on the user's ear. The new tech will be a welcome addition for those who'd like to be able to hear in the shower, or in other aqueous places. There's no word on when the device will become available, but if you're interested, you can find many more details on Advanced Bionics' website.