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GameFly unlimited digital download service in public beta

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GameFly digital download service Unlimited PC Play is now in open beta. The service allows subscribers to play a mixed-quality selection of about 200 PC games at no additional cost.


Venerable mail-order game rental company GameFly has opened a public beta for its digital download service, known as "Unlimited PC Play." The service allows GameFly subscribers, who pay between $7.95 and $22.95 per month for rental, to download and play a variety of PC titles for no additional fee — Mac gamers get a section on the site, but it looks to be empty for now. Unlimited PC Play has been around for a couple of months, but until now was available to only a handful of users.

Currently, there are a little over 200 games available, and it mostly seems like filler, with the addition of a few AAA titles (Saints Row 2), some well-received casual games (Diner Dash), and a few cult favorites like Pathologic. That's about a third of the library of GameTap, a similar subscription-based digital download service, and the selection isn't particularly diverse — think five Playpets titles, for example, or eighteen episodes of American McGee's Grimm. It's also only a fraction of GameFly's total digital offerings. We can't see too many people joining GameFly for this service alone, and GameFly says it has no plans to offer digital-only subscriptions. For anybody with a current membership, however, it's certainly a nice perk.