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PlayStation Vita sells 321,400 units in opening weekend, some users see problems

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Sony's PlayStation Vita sold 321,400 units in its first two days on the market, but some owners are seeing problems.

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Sony's PlayStation Vita debuted in Japan this past weekend, selling 321,400 units in the first two days of availability according to research firm Enterbrain. It puts the new handheld gaming console on par with the PlayStation Portable, which sold 166,000 units in its first day — but falls short of the 371,000 3DS portables that Nintendo sold in that device's first two days on the market.

The Vita is already experiencing growing pains, however. While we haven't seen any issues with our review unit, RocketNews24 reports that some Vitas are freezing when installing the 1.50 software update, during gameplay, or just upon power-up. Others suffer from unresponsive touchscreens, while one user has posted pictures of a Vita that appears to have physical spotting on the display. While Sony's support centers are receiving enough calls that the company has posted an apology for long hold times, it's important to note that these problems don't appear to be widespread. Either way, Sony will have plenty of time to correct things before the US and European launch — which may bring even more impressive sales figures — early next year.