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Some Galaxy Nexus owners experiencing multitouch issues, software likely culprit

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Some Galaxy Nexus models have experienced multitouch issues after users play 3D games on the phone. The problem appears to be a software-related bug.

Gnex multitouch issues
Gnex multitouch issues

You can add multitouch problems to the list of initial quirks that have accompanied the Galaxy Nexus launch. Members of the RootzWiki forums began noticing inconsistent multitouch behavior after playing certain 3D games including Samurai Warrior II, Shadow Gun, Pew Pew, Gun Bros, and other titles. Following a few minutes of gameplay in landscape orientation, the lower right portion of the display becomes unresponsive to a user's touch. It's easy to see how this could quickly prove irritating, but thankfully there's a temporary fix to the bug, and it's about as simple as they come. Toggling the display off and back on again will restore normal functionality, suggesting that this is likely a software quirk rather than any sort of hardware-related issue, which should assuage those with bad memories of the multitouch experience found on the Nexus One. Note though that the unwanted behavior will keep returning so long as you're playing one of the affected titles, so we're hoping to see a proper resolution in the near future. In the meantime, we've embedded two videos of the glitch — reproduced on both GSM and LTE models — below.