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NBC to stream Super Bowl on web, Verizon phones

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NBC and the NFL announced today that the Super Bowl will be streamed for the first time live, for free, to and Verizon phones.

NFL football
NFL football

The NFL announced this morning that NBC will stream the 2012 Super Bowl live, for free, to the web and Verizon smartphones. Of course, NBC also broadcasts the Super Bowl over the air for free, so it's not completely radical, but it's still the first time the big game — which is the biggest TV event of the year, nearly every year — will be watchable on and through the NFL Mobile app available to Verizon customers. NBC will also stream its other postseason games, including the Pro Bowl and wild card Saturday, and will offer online-only content like extra camera angles and live stats. The announcement comes only a few days after the NFL renewed many of its broadcasting deals with NBC, ESPN, and others, so we wouldn't be surprised to see more streaming deals come into place over the coming months.