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The Verge Mobile Podcast, live at 4:30PM ET / 9:30PM GMT!

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The Verge Mobile Podcast broadcasts live, December 20th, at 4:30PM ET.

The Verge Mobile Podcast
The Verge Mobile Podcast

By now, you should already be familiar with the time and place of the Verge Mobile Podcast. The location is right here and the time is still that same blink of an interstellar eye we all call life. Today's show will bask in the $4 billion afterglow of AT&T's attempted (and now conclusively failed) takeover of T-Mobile, review the hows and the whys of Andy Lees' departure from the Windows Phone throne, and consider the suicidal announcement from RIM that there'll be no BB 10 phones until the latter half of 2012. It'll be like War and Peace, just without the peace.