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iTunes enables 'Complete My Season Pass'

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iTunes now lets offers a "Complete My Season Pass" option, allowing you to purchase a full season of a TV show at a discount if you already own one or more episodes.

iTunes Compete My Season Pass
iTunes Compete My Season Pass

iTunes has had the "Complete My Album" feature for quite a while — it lets you purchase an entire album at a "pro-rated" price after buying individual tracks from it. Now Apple has the same deal for TV shows, offering a "Complete My Season Pass" option so you can purchase the remaining episodes of a full season at a discount when you already own a few. The discount is calculated by subtracting what you've already paid from the full season price, so you won't be repurchasing the episodes you already own. Completing a Season Pass should be just like buying a season pass upfront — unlocking all past and future episodes — but now you can more affordably try out a new show before committing to the entire season.