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SpnKiX are the motorized skate shoes of the Kickstarter generation

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SpnKiX is a new Kickstarter project that will turn your sneakers into motorized rollerblades.


Motorized rollerblades are not a new concept, but the SpnKiX on Kickstarter is surely one of the most polished interpretations we've seen. First becoming a consumer product after five years of R&D, the final design attaches to the shoes you already own, and will propel you along at up to 10 miles per hour when controlled by the included remote. They're said to have a range of 2-3 miles on normal, flat terrain, but are only recommended for riders under 180 pounds. If fully funded, a $375 pledge will secure you a pair when they start shipping in March 2012, which isn't a bad deal compared to their $649 retail price. (Not to mention the time and money you could spend trying to craft a pair of these on your own.) The project still has a ways to go before it's fully funded, but with over a month left and a genuinely cool concept, we have high hopes that this will be another successful Kickstarter campaign.