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Lenovo ThinkPad x130e launch date slips to February

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Lenovo's forthcoming x130e laptop has missed its 20th of December release date, with the 11.9-inch durable laptop designed for the education market now expected in February 2012.

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Lenovo's education-oriented ThinkPad x130e was supposed to launch yesterday, but now the company's website is saying that we should expect the knock-proof tablet to arrive in February next year. Engadget spoke to a rep from the firm and was told that the delay was due to the laptop's popularity with school districts, which have collectively bought the entire first manufacturing run.

The 11.9-inch laptop is designed for use by K12 students, with a rubber bumper on the outer shell to offer some protection from dings and scrapes, reinforced hinges, ports, and bezel corners, a choice of lower-end processors from Intel and AMD, an 8.5-hour battery, and Lenovo's RapidBoot technology to make sure you can get into the teaching as fast as possible. Although the release date's moved back a little, the price still seems to be set at $469.