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Square Enix: last week's hack didn't compromise any personal information

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Square Enix announced this week that the hack into its servers didn't affect any of its users' private and personal information.

Final Fantasy Square Enix
Final Fantasy Square Enix

Square Enix had its servers hacked last week, but unlike some other gaming companies it appears to have escaped the intrusion without much consequence — an internal investigation reveals the hackers didn't access the server on which it stores personal information. Immediately after the attack, Square Enix said that as many as 800,000 North American and a million Japanese users could've had their personal information compromised, as well as their username and password. Square Enix's findings, plus the fact that the company never stored credit card information there to begin with, means the hackers likely didn't get much of anything. The company plans to get the Square Enix Members site up and running again by the end of this month, so we should be back to scoring Final Fantasy loyalty points in no time.