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Sony Ericsson announces Android 4.0 update schedule, starts March / April 2012

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Sony Ericsson has confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich updates for its 2011 phones will begin in late March or early April of 2012.

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Sony Ericsson's been putting its foot on the gas when it comes to releasing Ice Cream Sandwich update information for its 2011 smartphone lineup. Today the company announced that updates will begin in either late March or early April of 2012, just a touch later than previously suggested, while providing a schedule for when each phone can expect to receive the company's skinned variant of Android 4.0.

The first set of updates, due in late March or early April, will target the following devices:

A second wave will roll out starting at the end of April or in early May:

The updates will be available for download over 3G or Wi-Fi, with a tethered option also available. While Sony does caution that not all updates will be release simultaneously, the news should give some peace of mind to users considering a SE device this holiday season.