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Kindle Fire gets Android Market browser access, but just for looking

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After the latest software update to its Kindle Fire, Amazon now allows owners of the device to visit the Android Market website, though users will be unable to install anything they come across.

Android Market on Kindle Fire
Android Market on Kindle Fire

Following the latest Kindle Fire software update (which we've detailed here), Amazon is now allowing device owners to navigate the Android Market website, though the ability to install anything remains a distant dream. Prior to the change, the company had actively rebuffed attempts to visit Google's storefront in the browser by circling users back to the Amazon Appstore. While that made sense from a logical standpoint — the Fire lacks any sort of official support from the Market, and access was likely blocked to avoid confusion — it's always nice to see consumers be given the chance to use a product any which way they please. It also provides a direct opportunity to compare offerings between the two: Kindle Fire owners can now see firsthand what exclusives they enjoy, but also what they've been missing out on as a consequence of being subject to Amazon's curated approach. If you've got one nearby, head to the Android Market website to check out how things look on the other side.