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HP Pre 3 gets webOS update, already available on Pre 2

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HP is currently rolling out webOS 2.2.4, a new version of the OS promising several minor improvements to Pre 3 owners.

Pre 3 2.2.4 update 1024
Pre 3 2.2.4 update 1024

The HP Pre 3 barely saw the light of day (and not at all in the US) before both phone and operating system went by the wayside, but its few owners aren't being ignored — the phone is getting an update from HP this week. The update to webOS 2.2.4 is a small one, and very non-specific, promising only "a variety of software improvements" to the handset. The same OS version was rolled out to the Pre 2 in the last few weeks, adding Skype calling and messaging across carriers, as well as Bluetooth MAP support (the protocol that lets the TouchPad and Pre connect via a Bluetooth connection). It also brought some minor tweaks, especially with syncing of calendars and contacts. It may not be much of an update, but we're betting anything helps for the Pre owners who are otherwise in limbo after HP's decision to open-source webOS.