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Sony says PlayStation Vita isn't experiencing widespread issues, one gamer does battery life comparison video

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Sony debunked the notion of widespread issues with the PS Vita today, and a YouTube user demonstrated the battery life with a sped-up video comparing the Vita to the 3DS and the PSP-3000.

vita head 2
vita head 2

When Sony Japan's call centers apologized for long wait times following the PlayStation Vita launch and posted an FAQ, the internet at large somehow took it as an admission of guilt — that Sony was somehow admitting that there were significant issues with the first batch of 321,400 gaming handhelds sold. As you can imagine, the company's PR department isn't not too happy about that. Sony UK directly refuted such reports when speaking to The Guardian today, saying that "we can't find any evidence of widespread glitches," and characterizing the few documented cases so far as isolated malfunctions.

We haven't experienced any of those issues in our extensive review, so we'd tend to agree, but there is one annoyance with the Vita that Sony will readily admit, and that's the somewhat iffy three- to five-hour battery life you'll get when gaming. This week, a YouTube user going by the name Kurekurenyon pitted the PS Vita side-by-side with a Nintendo 3DS and an original PSP-3000 game handheld — the latter outfitted with a 2200mAh extended battery, similar to the 2210mAh pack in the Vita itself — and while we wouldn't call the test completely fair, it's pretty self-evident that our beefy new handheld gaming devices don't possess the same staying power as those of yesteryear. Unfortunately, the Vita's battery won't be nearly as easy to replace as its predecessor, but at least there will be external battery pack options.