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Original Motorola Droid gets Ice Cream Sandwich pre-alpha build

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Android's Ice Cream Sandwich has been ported to the original Motorola Droid in a pre-alpha build.

Droid ICS
Droid ICS

The first Android 2.0 device, the original Motorola Droid, is the latest to get an Ice Cream Sandwich facelift. A member of the xda-developers forums has released a preliminary build that lets the Droid run Android 4.0.3 with CyanogenMod 9. It's still in the experimental stage, so don't expect perfect performance — according to the thread, the latest version is unable to connect to the external speakers or camera, and screen rotation is a bit off, among other things. Several other bugs have been fixed in the week since the port was first released.

The video below, by another forum member, shows an updated Droid successfully performing a few basic tasks like browsing the web on Wi-Fi. We wouldn't recommend making this your primary OS just yet, but curious users can try it out for themselves with the latest build.