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Onkyo announces first receivers with MHL connectivity and InstaPrevue source selection

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Onkyo's 2012 line of A/V receivers will feature MHL connectivity and a new method of navigating video sources called InstaPrevue.

Onkyo MHL InstaPrevue
Onkyo MHL InstaPrevue

Onkyo has revealed that its 2012 line of A/V receivers will be the world's first to utilize the MHL connection standard and feature InstaPrevue, a new method of choosing a video source developed by Silicon Image. Specific models have yet to be announced, though the company promises to have them on full display at CES.

The integration of MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) should help to bolster the mobile standard's presence in the living room. Onkyo's integration features an MHL port that allows for compatible devices to output uncompressed 1080p video content — carrying up to 8 channels of audio — while simultaneously being charged when linked to the receiver. The list of devices with MHL connectivity has been growing of late, with the HTC Rezound and Samsung Galaxy S II as flagship examples.

Further, the addition of InstaPrevue could prove exciting for those of you with numerous devices in your HD setup. The technology provides a picture-in-picture preview of each active HDMI / MHL video source, making the days of choosing from a nondescript text-based list a thing of the past.

Check back during our extensive CES coverage — now just over two weeks away — to get the full rundown on Onkyo's latest fleet of receivers.