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YouTube adds snow option to videos for a festive watching experience

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YouTube adds optional snowflakes to most of its videos.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Most of the East coast of the US is having unseasonably warm weather, with zero signs of snow in the forecast for the coming days. Still, at least YouTube is getting into the spirit a bit with some digitally-generated snowflakes. Added as an option to many (but not all) videos, a tiny snowflake button, when pressed, will begin a slow, quiet fall of flakes over whatever video you're watching, piling up at the bottom of the frame. A cute gimmick which adds a bit of winter wonderland to downers such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If you want to really go crazy, you can even add snow to Nyan Cat, one of YouTube's most-watched videos for 2011 Check it out while you can, if you're interested, because it's not likely to hang around long.