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Xerox PARC founder Jacob Goldman dies

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Jacob Goldman, founder of Xerox PARC, dies at the age of 90.


Physicist and founder of Xerox Lab Jacob Goldman died on Tuesday, December 20th at the age of 90. Goldman, who worked at Ford Motor Company in the 1950s, moved on to be the Chief Scientist at Xerox in the 1960s, founding its famous lab, also known as Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), in 1970. During his time at Ford, Goldman, who was known as Jack, focused on developing an efficient electric car. He also spent time teaching at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon), before moving on to Xerox where he championed the lab and its research efforts. PARC was responsible for pioneering many technologies, including Ethernet, bitmaps, the graphical user interface, the WYSIWYG, and laser printers.

Full obituaries can be found at the New York Times and ReadWriteWeb.