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Google Voice for iOS update improves Sprint integration, adds mass texting

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Google updated the Google Voice iOS app this week, improving Sprint / Google Voice integration and adding a couple of small features to the app as well.

Google Voice update
Google Voice update

Google updated the Google Voice iOS app this week, bringing to iOS the same coziness Google Voice and Sprint customers have had on other platforms. Sprint users can elect to have their Google Voice number as their primary number, or port their Sprint-given digits to Voice, which allows users to use one system for everything — until this week that wasn't available on to Sprint's iPhone users. As it turns out, the holdup was Google rather than Apple — the app was overriding the native dialer, and routing calls through Google Voice's access numbers rather than taking advantage of the integration with Sprint's network to make calls directly. Once you update to, you'll be able to call out from the Google Voice app, and be connected without going through the typical Voice hoops.

The update also brings iOS users the ability to send text messages to multiple people, and adds multiple lines to the entry field. A Google rep let us know that there's a small bug in the update — after you update, you should open the app, then close it and re-open it. That will ensure that your calls get routed properly, we're told. Hit the source to get the update, and make sure you tell your Android-toting fans they've got one less thing to brag about.