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'Complete My Album' for iTunes drops 180-day limit

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Apple's "Complete My Album" service, which lets iTunes Store users buy one song from an album and get the rest later for a pro-rated price, has dropped the 180-day limit on using it for purchases.

Complete My Album
Complete My Album

Along with the release of "Complete My Season Pass," Apple looks to have dropped the time limit for similar service "Complete My Album." Previously, users who bought a song on iTunes could get the rest of the album pro-rated at a later date — but only within 180 days of their purchase. The iTunes Store Terms and Conditions from October still shows that limit, but now an updated Complete My Album FAQ says that after users have bought a song, they "can complete the album at any time, as long as the album is available for sale on the iTunes Store."

The limit hasn't been removed from other parts of the new FAQ — which still states that you might not see an album available if "you first downloaded a song off of the album more than 180 days ago" — but we're definitely seeing the service available for our older purchases. Maybe Apple's just trying to broaden its policy of confusion beyond device codenames.