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Words with Friends comes to Nook tablets; Twitter and more to follow

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Barnes & Noble has announced a new wave of apps for the Nook Color and Nook Tablet, including Words With Friends, Twitter, and Plants vs. Zombies. Most of the apps won't be available until 2012.

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Sure, Barnes & Noble just removed the ability to sideload apps onto the Nook Tablet, but the company's not going to leave users hungry: it just announced a new wave of apps for the Tablet and its sibling, the Nook Color. Zynga's Words With Friends is available immediately, with Twitter arriving "soon." Plants vs. Zombies and "many more" titles will be along early next year. The new additions join a decent, if not spectacular, selection of third party applications in the Nook app store, including Scrabble, Netflix, and the omnipresent Angry Birds. If you'd rather not wait for the apps to roll out, however, don't forget: there's always downgrading or rooting.