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Facebook Suggested Events use your online activity to direct your real-world actions

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Facebook is testing a new feature called "Suggested Events" that uses your account activity to suggest real-world events you might enjoy.

Facebook Suggested Events
Facebook Suggested Events

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called "Suggested Events" that uses your account history to offer up events you might like in the real world. First noted by TechCrunch, the feature is said to draw upon your Facebook check-in history, brand page activity, and the RSVPs of your online friends to compile the list of events. A Facebook spokesperson reportedly confirmed that the feature even utilizes your frictionless music sharing data — all the better to direct you to that concert you didn't know was happening next week.

For brands, the feature provides another way for companies to engage with their audience, while also serving as a powerful incentive for businesses to solidify their presence on the site. It's also a check against services like Foursquare's Radar, which aggressively encourage specific types of activities — to the joy of businesses and brands — rather than simply recording check-in data. On the surface, it's ostensibly a boon for users — though with no clear way to remove a Suggested Event from the list, active users could quickly find useful information buried in a sea of social white noise. While Facebook claims the feature is in testing only, it has reportedly been rolled out to the entire user base. If you'd like to see what events Facebook thinks will matter to you, check out your list right here.