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Animoog analog synth app comes to the iPhone for 99 cents

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As a follow-up to the Animoog virtual synth app for the iPad, Moog has released a version optimized for the small screen of the iPhone and iPod touch. Introductory pricing is only 99 cents, compared to the $9.99 standard price.

iPhone Animoog
iPhone Animoog

Moog apparently had a successful launch of the Animoog virtual synthesizer for iPad, claiming it was the first music app to hit number one on Apple's app charts. Now, iPhone and iPod touch users can download a version of this app optimized for the smaller screen that still includes dozens of presets, the trademark X / Y synth pad for tweaking your sounds, and the ability to record new sound configurations and your performances.

Like the iPad version, this app is fairly lightweight — it's only a 7MB download — but unfortunately the app isn't a universal update to the iPad version and Moog recommends that only iPhone 4, 4S, and fourth-generation iPod touch users install it. If you need a synth with you at all times, Animoog is only 99 cents, but the price will jump to $9.99 when the launch special ends.