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The Vergecast 007: Microsoft's last CES, SOPA

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Episode 007 of the Wolbe-award winning Vergecast.

vergecast 1
vergecast 1

We might be On The Verge of having a conniption fit from the excitement of pondering how many items from the 27-page wishlist PDF we submitted will slip through the recently-swept Vox Media chimney. We might be only halfway through designing calls from Santa for all five people on our contacts list. We might be busy pasteurizing the neighborhood cow's last TGIF bucket of milk and borrowing just one last cup of sugar from the neighbor to create the warmest, most well-rounded cookie plate this side of the North Pole. But that doesn't mean we don't have time to Vergecast.

P.S. But we were too busy to do video.

Song: Standby Ghost - Ground Force