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Skitch for iPad now available

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Evernote released an iPad version of its popular image markup app, Skitch, on Wednesday. It's available now as a free download from the App Store.

Skitch for iPad
Skitch for iPad

Skitch, the popular quick image markup and sharing tool, is now available on iPad. As it does on Mac and Android, it lets you quickly annotate and share screenshots and other images on your iPad, and if you've got an iPad 2, you can take pictures from within the app. Once you've finished your masterpiece (or just pointed something out on the map), you can share your images over email, Twitter, and more with publicly-viewable links. It's worth noting that the app now requires you to log in to Evernote (we assume the company's starting to further integrate Skitch after its acquisition in August). The app's available as a free download from the App Store now, and while there's no iPhone version yet, Evernote says it's "in the works."