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Ubislate 7 to be India's next low-cost Android tablet, shipping in January

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The Ubislate 7 is India's next low-cost Android tablet. Shipping in January, the $55 tablet features a 7-inch 800 x 480 resistive touchscreen, 700MHz processor, and a GPRS radio. It will run Android 2.3.

Ubislate 7
Ubislate 7

The response to the low-cost Aakash Android tablet was apparently big enough to warrant bringing out its commercial successor: the Ubislate 7. The new tablet essentially offers a few spec bumps over its predecessor while still keeping the cost very low: around $55 US. Ubislate is taking preorders now and plans on shipping in January.

Made by DataWind, the Ubislate 7 features a 7-inch 800 x 480 resistive touchscreen, 700MHz Cortex A8 processor, 256MB or RAM, 2GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, Wi-Fi, a full USB port for connecting peripherals, and a 3200mAh battery that should be good for around three hours of battery life. The tablet will run Android 2.3 instead of 2.2, and no word on whether or not it will ever be upgradable to Honeycomb.

The tablet will also have a GPRS radio, which like the other specs may seem a little underpowered by today's standards. However, Ubislate has baked in some web acceleration technologies to help with speed and also claims that the tablet can be used as a phone in a pinch.