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NEC offers eco-friendly LED-backlit display that monitors its carbon dioxide output

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NEC has a new display (the MultiSync LCD-EA243WM) in Japan that offers many eco-friendly features. It has a motion sensor and it monitors its carbon dioxide output.

NEC LCD-EA243WM Monitor
NEC LCD-EA243WM Monitor

NEC has an LED-backlit 24-inch eco-friendly monitor, called the MultiSync LCD-EA243WM, heading to Japan. Sure, it comes in black or white, has a 1080p, 250-nit display, DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs, some USB ports, and plenty of swiveling action. Nothing too exciting there, we know. But just wait a minute! It's got a motion sensor that drops the panel's brightness when you're away from your desk and it can show you how much money you're saving and how many kilograms of CO2 your monitor is producing. We're sure some businesses will be interested in snapping these up, but you'll have to be in Japan to get one, where it's expected to start shipping on January 18th. If you want some more details on the monitor, check out our product page.