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Audiotool Sketch brings vintage electronic music-making to Android

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Audiotool Sketch brings a portable version of the popular web app to the Android platform. The app is an electronic music-making studio that uses virtualized vintage hardware.


Despite the growing size of the Android Market and maturity of apps found in it, one category in which iOS has maintained its lead is the number and quality of music-making apps. The newest entrant in the Android Market to try to recitfy that difference is Audiotool Sketch — a virtualized set of vintage synth and drum machine hardware, similar to Rhythm Studio for Apple’s mobile platform. Modeled on the popular web app of the same name, Sketch includes two drum machines, one synth, and a mixer/delay unit that users can tweak to get exactly the sounds they’re looking for. You'll need a dual core CPU and Android 3.0 or better in order to run the app, which translates to pretty much any Honeycomb tablet or the Galaxy Nexus. Audiotool Sketch is currently going for $0.99 on the Android Market; an introductory price that is slated to go up next year.