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'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer breaks iTunes download record: 12.5 million in 24 hours

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Christopher Nolan's conclusion to The Dark Knight trilogy broke the record for most downloads from Apple's iTunes trailer site and iOS app with a tally of 12.5 million in 24 hours.

dark knight rises_640
dark knight rises_640

Batman, he's a popular fellow, isn't he? Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman movies for the 21st century is about to wrap up next summer with The Dark Knight Rises, whose latest video teaser managed to tally up 12.5 million downloads from Apple's iTunes trailer site and iOS app in its first 24 hours of being there. That's a new record for the entertainment distribution service by a clear two million, but is still only part of the overall story. A quick browse through YouTube shows various uploads of the DKR trailer with millions of views attached to them. With that sort of rabid fan interest, Warner Bros can probably neglect to advertise this movie entirely and it'll still end up a runaway success at the box office.

The previous high mark for first-day iTunes downloads was set by the Avengers trailer in October with just over 10 million. Though Bruce Wayne can expect the lion's share of the credit for the new 12.5m benchmark, the fact that the iTunes record is being eclipsed in such rapid succession does also suggest that the iTunes trailer service is finding an even wider audience.