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Good Deal: iPhone 4 32GB buy one, get one free; today only at Best Buy

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Best Buy is offering the iPhone 4 on AT&T or Verizon with a buy one, get one free deal. It requires a 2-year contract and is not available on the iPhone 4S. In-store only, today only.

iPhone 4 BOGO Good deal
iPhone 4 BOGO Good deal

Today only, Best Buy is offering a buy one, get one free deal on the 32GB version of the iPhone 4 on either Verizon of AT&T for $199.99. Now come the inevitable caveats: the deal is in-store only and can't be applied on the iPhone 4S (or the refurbished iPhone 4, if you must know). You're also setting yourself up for a couple of 2-year contracts and you need to buy both at the same time. Plenty of Best Buy locations should be open until 5pm today, but given what we expect will be a rush of panicked and desperate last minute shoppers, it's probably a good idea to call ahead to verify before you brave the crowds. Hit up the source link for the fine print and be careful out there.