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HP releases firmware fix for laserjet printer exploit

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HP has released a firmware update for laserjet printers affected by a security exploit discovered by Columbia University researchers in November.

HP LaserJet
HP LaserJet

Give HP kudos for timeliness: less than a month after Columbia University researchers shared a worrisome lack of security surrounding firmware updates on the company's line of laserjet printers, a fix is now available for affected models. If you'll recall, Ang Cui and Salvatore Stolfo made headlines by revealing that attaching a virus to a print job on a vulnerable device could provide full access to an intruder, allowing sensitive content to be intercepted and even giving those with the most malicious of intent a way to overheat the fuser within. For its part, HP steadfastly denied the possibility of fire or an explosion, assuring consumers that the built-in thermal breaker is there for the specific purpose of preventing such hazards. Considering we've yet to see any reports of the exploit being put to use, it seems HP has managed to dodge a potential threat.