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Tizi Remote iOS app controls TV with iPhone, changes channels with Siri

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German company Tizi launched the Tizi Remote app this week, which lets you control Tizi's live TV streaming products with your iOS device — and even with Siri.

Tizi Remote
Tizi Remote

Tizi's products are a boon to cable-ditchers everywhere: Tizi is a standalone box that streams over-the-air TV broadcasts to just about any device, and Tizi go plugs straight into your iPad to show them on your tablet. This week, the German company released a new companion app called Tizi Remote, which lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote for the Tizi. The app lets you change channels, pause TV, and record shows directly to your iPad; if you've got an iPhone 4S, you can even use Siri to change the channels without ever touching the remote, 30 Rock-style. The Remote app is free, and the Tizi and Tizi go cost €139.99 and €99.99, respectively — unfortunately it'll also cost you a plane ticket to Germany, since it's not currently available stateside.