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Unofficial HTC Super Tool will unshackle a wide range of devices

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A member of the xda-developer forums has released the HTC Super Tool, which provides both root and an unlocked bootloader for a number of the company's Android devices.

HTC Super Tool
HTC Super Tool

Over on the xda-developer forums, user frigid has released what has been dubbed the HTC Super Tool, a utility which provides both root and an unlocked bootloader for a rather large set of HTC Android-based devices. Successful results have been reported with Sprint's Evo family (4G, Design 4G, 3D, Shift 4G), several T-Mobile myTouch products, the G2, Inspire, Sensation, and more. In addition, the latest version of Super Tool can also "de-Sense" compatible smartphones, removing the vast majority of HTC's OS customizations; the only remaining trace is the default lock screen.

It's easy to see how this could prove a compelling alternative to HTC's tool for unlocking the bootloader, which remains limited to a smaller list of devices and also requires users to sign off on a voided warranty. While Super Tool certainly doesn't mean you're not technically voiding your warranty, it does let you fly under HTC's radar. While this type of thing continues to fall under "attempt at your own risk" territory, we're encouraged with the feedback reported thus far. If nothing else, we are big fans of the idea of a single rooting tool that works with multiple devices.