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Swapnote note-swapping app released for 3DS

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Nintendo has released Swapnote, a free app for the 3DS for sharing hand-drawn notes. Similar to Pictochat for the DS, Swapnote adds voice clip, 3D drawing, and 3D photo attachments.


Nintendo has a curious history with creative non-games on its consoles. FIrst, there was Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo and the Japan-only Mario Artist for the 64 DD, and more recently Pictochat, a DS launch app that allowed users to share hand-drawn notes locally without a wi-fi connection. Like its name hints, Nintendo’s recently-released Swapnote continues the tradition, letting 3DS users share notes locally via StreetPass or over the web via SpotPass. Swapnote builds on its Pictochat predecessor in important ways though, by adding the ability to share sound clips, 3D drawings, and most importantly, giving 3DS owners an easy way to share the 3D photos they've taken with their bundled cameras. Messaging isn’t instantaneous, so it won’t replace more traditional IM options, and voice attachments are only unlockable by spending play coins, but Swapnote is available for free right now from the eShop.

[Thanks to Kewlrats]