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Transformer Prime production to continue despite Hasbro lawsuit

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Asus expects production of its Transformer Prime tablet to continue despite the trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Hasbro.

Transformer Prime screen
Transformer Prime screen

Asus seems to be shrugging off Hasbro's trademark lawsuit against its Transformer Prime tablet. The company claims that internal studies have revealed "no issues" with the name and expects production to continue as planned. This comes despite firm allegations from the toymaker that the Transformer Prime moniker shares far too much in common with the storied Transformers brand and associated Optimus Prime character.

Of course, this is exactly the stance we'd expect from Asus as it enters into a legal tango with Hasbro; the Tegra 3-powered tablet has garnered plenty of favorable buzz — our own review included — and a ruling against the manufacturer would certainly throw a wrench in things. Stay tuned for the latest; it seems both sides are just getting warmed up here.