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Some Logitech Revue Google TV boxes shipped with 'corrupted firmware'

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Some Logitech Revue Google TV boxes shipped with corrupted firmware, preventing consumers from being able to set up their devices. The only solution is to have the Revue replaced.

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Logitech review
Logitech review

If you received a Logitech Revue Google TV set top box for the holidays and it's not working, it may not be a result of your inability to get through the complicated set up process. Reports that the box is failing out on step seven of eleven, when attempting to contact Logitech's EULA server, apparently are a result of corrupted firmware, not overloaded servers. On the company's forums, Logitech Senior Product Manager Peter McColgan responded to multiple reports with the following:

There appears to be corrupted firmware on some of the recently manufactured Revues which is causing the Authentication error. There is nothing that you can do to fix this and nothing we can do except to replace your Revue via the RMA process. You always have the option of returning to the retailer and exchanging for another Revue or getting a refund. We believe that only a relatively small % of recently manufactured Revues are affected

In another post, McColgan took a stab at listing the range of MAC addresses that may exhibit the issue. Unfortunately, there's no fix for the issue except to get your boxed exchanged at your retailer or directly from Logitech. The company is no stranger to dealing with returned Revue boxes, but that doesn't mean the issue isn't a major hassle for affected consumers. Like it or not (we're guessing "not"), it looks like the Revue is going to continue to cost Logitech "dearly" for a little while longer.