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Nintendo 3DS sales exceed four million in Japan, Mario titles reach milestones

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Nintendo has sold over 4 million 3DS units and 1 million copies each of its newest Mario titles in Japan.

3DS Super Mario 3D Land
3DS Super Mario 3D Land

Although Nintendo's had a rough year in terms of profits, its recent 3DS games and console sales numbers tell a different story. About a month ago, the company tripled its handheld sales here in America (largely due to price cuts and Black Friday), and now research firm Enterbrain reports on Famitsu that Nintendo has sold over four million 3DS units in Japan since its launch exactly 10 months ago — with over 500,000 of those sold in the last week. In comparison, Nintendo sold over five million original DS units in Japan during its first 13 months on the market. However, this included not one, but two holiday seasons.

Also, Nintendo's newest Mario titles have reached milestones, according to publisher Famitsu. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have each sold over one million copies in Japan, making them the first 3DS games to reach the million mark. Interestingly, while Super Mario 3D Land has been out in Japan for two months, Mario Kart 7 has sold more copies (1.08 million vs. 1.04 million) in the less-than-one month it's been available. We'd say the recent holidays are to thank for the robust figures, but hey — Nintendo gamers love their Mario, right?