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Boxee updates apps to version 1.5, says no more upgrades for PC users

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Boxee announced version 1.5 of its PC software today, which it says will be the last version for computer users as the company's focus shifts to streaming boxes.

Boxee version 1.5
Boxee version 1.5

Boxee rolled out version 1.5 of its Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu apps today, but the news is bittersweet: according to the company, this will be the last time it issues an upgrade for PC. The platform's future will be on the Boxee Box and the other streaming devices that run Boxee OS, from partners like Iomega and Nuu Media. It's not a totally surprising move — the upcoming Boxee Live TV won't be usable with a computer, and Boxee has had some issues getting major partners on board with its PC software anyway — but we're betting there are plenty of home theater PC fans feeling abandoned on the day after Christmas.

Boxee's parting gift for computer-based users is a refreshed interface that makes searching and browsing faster, and adds more information about movies in your library. Version 1.5 also adds a new, HTML5-ready WebKit browser that runs within the app, and support for a couple of new file types and apps. The update is only available until the end of January, too, so hit the source to get it while it's hot. Boxee Box owners, you'll have to wait a bit: the update will roll out to the streamer next month.